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All You Need To Know About Tea-For-One Sets

Most of us are quite familiar with the fact that the majority of the kitchen utensils usually come in pairs of three per set. And even if we are living all alone in our home and do not need the extra five pieces in the set, we end up having to buy them anyway. At least, that is how things have always been.


We may have come across plates or glasses that can be bought separately. However, if we ever want to get a tea set, we are still forced to buy the standard set for six. But we do not have to buy those sets anymore because the tea manufacturers have finally come up with something we have needed for a long time, i.e., tea-for-one sets.


A tea-for-one set is exactly what its name suggests, i.e., a tea set for one person only. It consists of a teacup and a teapot both of which are placed one over the other respectively and some of these sets come with a saucer as well.



There are two kinds of tea-for-one sets: 


  • Tea-for-one sets without the tea infuser
  • Tea-for-one sets with the tea infuser



The teapots in these sets generally do not come with infusers or strainers and this makes them unfit to be used directly for making tea. You have to first boil the water separately and then pour it into the teapot, place the tea sachet inside the teapot and let it rest for a few minutes.


Now, you might be wondering why we mentioned tea sachets and not teabags and before you start to think we have used these words interchangeably, let us make it clear that we did not. Tea sachets are usually better in quality than the teabags. Moreover, if you want your tea to be exquisite in taste, you better use a tea sachet. In addition to this, you must also use cold and filtered water if you want your tea to taste good.


And while you are out in the market to shop for a tea-for-one set, make sure that both the teapot and the teacup are big enough to contain two cups of water. In addition to this, make it a point to purchase a tea set that is capable of keeping your tea hot for a long time. And a little more attention to the design, style, and colors of the tea-for-one set will not hurt either. Get a tea set that you would love to look at.


Some of these tea-for-one sets are also available in exotic animal designs like those of a cat shape or a panther. If you love to buy cute and unique pieces of kitchen utensils then these tea sets certainly will not disappoint you.


Especially if you are living alone or have limited kitchen space, this tea set will only take the space of a small teapot since both the teacup and the teapot are designed to be placed one over the other which saves quite a lot of space. You simply have to be mindful of the material it is made of. Try picking a ceramic tea for one set.

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